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Dr Joe Holt joins Coventive Composites

In Info on 2020/01/14 at 12:15 pm

MMM Lab alumnus and EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Embedded Intelligence (CDT-EI) graduate Dr Joseph A Holt has joined Coventive Composites as Development Engineer.

Joe graduated last summer. We are delighted for him and very sure that we will soon hear from them about Joe’s fantastic contribution to the team and the company.

All the best!

Rapid measurement of elastic properties in polymeric foams

In Knowledge Transfer, Publications on 2020/01/06 at 11:56 am

Our work on characterising polymeric foams in-situ, without destructive sample collection and tedious sample preparation has been published in Materials Letters.

Sponsored by the Innovate UK under their IDP 14 programme, this study correlates the results from an Ultrasonic technique to the more traditional quasi-static Universal Testing Machine approach, and in this way manufacturers and quality control personnel can assess the material before it has left the production line.

Comparison of elastic properties of low-density polymeric foams determined by ultrasonic wave propagation and quasi-static mechanical testing“, Materials Letters, in press,


A novel in-situ in-line testing approach to polymeric foams properties

A free view of the paper has been kindly provided by the Journal’s until mid February and be accessed here:,3psrw43U

PhD opportunities available at the MMM Lab

In Funding, Jobs & Vacancies on 2019/12/11 at 6:06 pm

We have new vacancies in the Multifunctional Materials Manufacturing Lab at Loughborough University.

The 2 projects currently available are:

  • “Parameterisation of Alloys Manufacturing: Lessons Learnt from Traditional Methods to Inform Automated Advanced Manufacturing” ref: SAM13. Link to more information and to apply: here
  • “Multifunctional alloys: Manufacture of high performing porosity-engineered alloys” ref: CTUF2019. Link to more information and to apply: here

The starting dates are Jan 2020, April 2020, July 2020 or Oct 2020

Get in touch if you are interested in these topics.