Biomimetics and Biomimicry in Engineering

SMEs and Manufacturing

In Knowledge Transfer, Seminars and Keynotes on 2019/09/25 at 5:38 pm

We had a group of SMEs visiting us in the Wolfson School and interested in the research we do in Multifunctional Materials Manufacturing. 

They were particularly interested in composites, reinforced polymeric foams, lightweight structures, lightweight alloys, laser processing, 3D Printing processes, Electronics Manufacturing (i.e. a solder is a multifunctional materials: (i) it plays an electronic role, (ii) it provides structural integrity, and (iii) it serves as a heat sink, so it is also thermally active). Our visitors also got to know the most recent work done in our embedded intelligence and embedded systems projects. 


Thanks to the Loughborough U Enterprise Office (@lboroenterprise) for their support in making this event a success. 


Mattia Norrito presents at EuroMAT 2019

In Seminars and Keynotes on 2019/09/23 at 10:12 am

To close the EuroMAT-themed entries, Mattia speaks about his experience at the Conference:

“I have been honoured and privileged to take part to EUROMAT2019 conference in Stockholm (European Congress and Exhibition of Advance Materials and Processes) and present the results of our latest research “The Role of Titanium Architecture on The Bone Regeneration Process”. This was the first time I attended such a big conference and it has been an incredible experience to get constructive feedbacks and…do some networking!”


Mattia presented at EuroMAT to a packed room

Jacob (Jing) Wang at EuroMAT in Sweden

In Seminars and Keynotes on 2019/09/18 at 12:46 pm

“The 2019 EuroMat Conference in Stockholm has been my first EuroMat experience. Travelling together with other two researchers from our MMM lab, each one of us has presented an oral talk representing various facets of the ongoing multi-disciplinary research at Loughborough University in the development and manufacturing of biocompatible titanium-based alloys. The 5-day conference was filled with intriguing materials science and I have benefited a lot from attending various themed and interesting symposia. I would like to thank all the sponsorship and support for allowing me to make this meaningful and adventitious trip!”


Jacob presenting in Stockholm; then relaxing w colleagues James and Mattia during the EuroMAT 2019