Biomimetics and Biomimicry in Engineering

A bright start

Welcome to my site, a place where you can find information about Dr Carmen Torres-Sánchez’s work, research interests and activities.

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My CV and bio can be found here: and here and here:

I am also in


In press! My work in the news:

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering blog:

European Confederation of Junior Enterprises: “Election to Council”

Low carbon vehicles:

Ingenious Women: UKRC and Royal Academy of Engineering:

Baking with sound:


(English) – Podcast Interview – Episode 16 of the STEM XX series – 9th Feb 2015. Link here. Download here.

(Spanish) – Programa La Atalaya (COPE) 26 March 2012: Soundbite. Entrevista completa

Centre for Doctoral Training in Embedded Intelligence: About us

Baking with Sound: the project. Trailer: Feature film:

Seminar: at ARUP (London): ‘Bamboo as a solution for low-cost housing’:

Part 1: Introductions and Motivation

Part 2: Our vision:

Part 3: Deployment work:


Webinar: Work at the Academia|Industry interface: ‘Looking to access engineering expertise for your next R&D project?’ by Interface (21st March 2013):

Part 1: On the benefits of Academia interacting with Industry:  and 

Part 2: On the benefits of Industry interacting with Academia:   and 

Part 3: The Q&A session  and closing remarks:


Research, Projects and Recruitment enquiries: email: carmen.torres -at-


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