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Baking with Sound: a successful industry-focussed research project

In Knowledge Transfer on 2015/02/11 at 10:15 am

The Baking with Sound project, a research project co-funded by industry and Innovate UK, has come to the end of its current funding. We have taken the technology from a ‘batch’ setting to a set of prototypes that can produce bakery foodstuff in an industrial environment. In TRL terms, we have ratcheted up about 4 levels. We have generated and protected IP and trained 2 students and 2 research associates. We gelled a working research team that had fun, traveled the UK extensively and ate lots of our own experimental samples. (Some of them were even nice).

We have shown that the sonication technology has a positive effect on the crumb structure and texture on baked products in general, and of ‘free-from’ product range in particular (e.g. gluten-free and low-salt). The next stop for us is the integration of the sonication technology in the commercially designed bakery equipment apparatus.

The Baking with Sound consortium was formed by Macphie of Glenbervie, Nortek Piezo, MONO Bakery Equipment and Fosters Bakery (as industrial partners), and Loughborough University (as the academic lead).


Eating fractals

In Comment on 2013/09/04 at 10:30 am

Romanesco has an interesting texture, and it is form that makes it the special member of the broccoli family.



It is a fractal vegetable: the smallest cone is replicated in shape by the cone which groups mini-cones, and this cone is part of a set of cones that forms another cone, … and so on, until you get the whole plant.


Detail of fractal structure

More on fractal food here and here


Pattern of growth [1]

Ref [1]: ‘Cult of Romanesco’ link