Biomimetics and Biomimicry in Engineering

PhD project: Mechanics of biomimetic materials

The search of the ‘perfect’ structural material

Engineers and architects need new materials to solve design problems: maximum strength with minimal mass (e.g. airplane wings), structures that can absorb impact or vibrations (e.g. protective foundations/scaffolds against earthquakes); structures to substitute ageing bones or missing limbs (i.e. implants for the ageing population and amputees); objects that not only provide support, but also look beautiful (e.g. architectural components from an interior designer perspective). Despite the demand for those materials, manufacturing processes lag behind, or simply don’t work

This project brings together the fields of mechanical, chemical and structural engineering, design, manufacture, biology and botany to enable a biomimetic interpretation of tailored porosity materials whose structure can be optimised for high performance behaviour/high-tech applications.

The research will be carried out under the supervision of Dr Torres-Sánchez, and in collaboration with UK and international partners.

Application deadline: applications accepted all year round. This position will be filled as soon as possible.


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