Biomimetics and Biomimicry in Engineering

PhD project: Porosity tailored materials for medical devices and orthopaedics

Our ageing society poses an increased demand to provide devices and implants that can demonstrate a better performance than those presented by traditional solutions. Matching the mechanical properties (i.e. stiffness and strength) of the device to those of the host tissue is a major challenge for the design and manufacture of engineered materials for biomedical applications. Failure in doing so provokes implant loosening, patient discomfort and repeated surgeries. Therefore tailoring physical properties and biocompatibility on those materials is the main final aim in this research programme.

The goal of this PhD is to contribute to the current scenario with improvement in both the functionality of the medical devices used in orthopaedic applications, the biocompatibility and biochemical activity, and the mechanical properties.

This challenging project will involve design, manufacture using functionally tailored materials and mechanical testing. Applications from Mechanical Engineering, materials Engineering and Bioengineering graduates are welcome.

Application deadline: applications accepted all year round. This position will be filled as soon as possible.

Funding: UK/EU students can opt to a scholarship (tuition fees+stipend). International students need to secure their own funding sources.

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