Biomimetics and Biomimicry in Engineering

Alloys-by-design: Manufacture of high performing porosity-engineered alloys

Project Detail:

The simultaneous control of alloying materials coupled with the porosity gradation is a dilemma that currently intrigues researchers. An Alloys-by-design approach is used to control their mechanical properties along with the engineered location of mass where it is needed to enhance mechanical performance. This research topic is at a unique cross-road where these two issues are confluent. The use of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for the control of porosity gradation and the bespoke alloying permitted by such technologies are challenges to be explored in this PhD. These engineered multifunctional structures have applications in sectors requiring high performance such as transport technologies (i.e. lightweight vehicles and aerospace structures) and bioengineering (customised medical implants).

This is an open call for candidates who are sponsored or who have their own funding. If you do not have funding, you may still apply, however Institutional funding is not guaranteed. Outstanding candidates (UK/EU/International) without funding will be considered for any funding opportunity which may become available in the School.

Entry requirements:

A relevant Master’s degree and/or experience in one or more of the following will be an advantage: Advanced Manufacturing, Metallurgy, Manufacturing Processes and Materials Science.


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