Biomimetics and Biomimicry in Engineering

Bridging the gap between lectures and practice

In Info on 2015/08/31 at 8:29 am

Richard Vigis, 3rd yr Mechanical Engineering student at Loughborough University, has been my DIS student this past year at Transport for London. A major piece of work he accomplished was the research and development of a new locking mechanism for the battery trays on the 1992 Tube Stock, used on the Central and Waterloo & City lines on London Underground. This change will affect 350 cars and will help prolong the life-in-service of those trains. On his year in industry, he says:

“This year has completely changed my view of understanding of engineering; having a fundamental understanding of how engineering works in a real life environment compared to a lecture hall will stand me in great stead for my future. Not only have I become more competent in analysing systems and problem solving, but I have reinforced much of the theory I have learnt in the first two years. This should give me a good platform to go on and perform well academically over the remaining time of my degree. Working in a corporate environment has also made develop a more mature and professional attitude to my work, and this is something I will take back and apply to my work at university.”

Richard also devoted his time to promote engineering as a career for pupils and he got a Transport for London Bronze Award for his work. Congratulations!

Richard receiving his award from Principal Engineer Peter ***

Richard receiving his award from Principal Engineer John Batchelor for his work promoting STEM and engineering amongst pupils

Update: After rigorous assessment, Richard has succeeded and been offered a graduate position upon his graduation in 2017! Congratulations on this massive achievement, Richard.

  1. Thank you Carmen for your guidance over the course of the year, I thoroughly enjoyed my year in industry and look forward to starting permanently in 2017!

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