Biomimetics and Biomimicry in Engineering

Baker Hughes Diversity Awards Ceremony

In Info on 2013/01/17 at 12:17 pm

The Baker Hughes Diversity Award is a prize to those students who have shown a sustained remarkable performance in Engineering Design that fits with the company’s ethics and Core Values of integrity, teamwork, performance and learning.

The 15 shortlisted students were (in no particular order) Benjamin Rayer, Ross Bonallo, Stuart Heyman, Craig Morgan, Gareth Norquoy, Anthony Wainman, Christopher Balmer, Tom Peters, Gary Hepburn, Garry Steel, Mathias Dalli Gonzi, Ross Flavell, Iain Brown, Karl Blacker, and Scott Inglis.


It has been very difficult to pick only 3 names and put them forward for the prizes. The performance of each one of them has been excellent this semester. It was for many, if not all, the first time they were faced with a real life project, with a real client and a tight timeframe to deliver a solution, or a prototype, and they have risen to the challenge, and made the University proud. Feedback we are getting from their clients has been very complimentary and flattering. The three people selected for the prizes were: (Winner) Scott Inglis, (runner ups) Benjamin Rayer and Anthony Wainman.


Congratulations to all of them!

Special thanks to Caroline Baker (from Baker Hughes) for making this Award possible.


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