Biomimetics and Biomimicry in Engineering

BOOM Chemistry!!

In Seminars and Keynotes on 2012/12/10 at 12:53 pm

My collaborator Dr Asier Unciti-Broceta, from the MRC/Cancer Research Centre Edinburgh, is presenting at HWU on Wed 12th Dec, at 14:30 in William Arrol 1.11, his work on BOOM activation chemistry. We use that great idea for our developments in new anticancer strategies. Drop by to meet him on Wednesday!. Everyone welcome (whether you are a chemist or not)


Palladium-Sensitive Chemicals and Engineered Pd(0)-Containing Devices to Implement Highly-Specific Probe/Prodrug Activation in Cells and Living Systems


As a novel prodrug / probe approach, our group is pioneering the use of a bioorthogonal organometallic (BOOM) activation strategy to develop spatially-controlled anticancer treatments. Bioorthogonal reactions are selective chemical processes that take place in biological systems, mediated by abiotic reagents, without interfering with the biotic components of the system [1, 2]. The use of bioorthogonal protecting groups that are selectively cleaved by metal catalysis allows to chemically “mask” the functional properties of a drug / fluorescent dye to induce local activation by a catalyst-based “activating device”. We are currently investigating the use of Pd(0)-containing implants (the “activating device”) and the chemical modification of clinically-used anticancer drugs with Pd(0)-sensitive chemical groups to make “BOOM-activated prodrugs”. In this talk the seminal works published in this area [2, 3] and our last results will be presented.


[1] Prescher&Bertozzi. Nature Chem Biol 2005, 1, 13–21; [2] Unciti-Broceta et al. Nature Protocols 2012, 7, 1207–18; [3] Yusop, Unciti-Broceta et al. Nature Chem 2011, 3, 241–245.

Date: 12/12/2012

Venue: Heriot-Watt WA1.11

Start: 14:30 (1hr) and coffee/biscuits


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