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Baking with Sound

In Knowledge Transfer on 2011/10/11 at 2:52 pm

A collaborative project between Macphie of Glenverbie, food ingredients suppliers and manufacturers, and my research group has been highlighted by the Scottish Food and Drink Federation.
This research project has a remarkable character of knowledge transfer and is the founding stone for a larger implementation project in which the bakery industry will benefit thanks to our novel strategy to control and tailor structures.

This project was also showcased in their last Parliamentary reception (Scottish Parliament, Sept 2011). Richard Lochhead MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, underlined in his keynote speech the importance of innovation and the benefits of partnerships in academia and industry. More on this day can be seen here, page 8.

Heriot-Watt and Macphie have a record of successful collaboration in different projects at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

Ashley Baker, Head of R&D at Macphie with Carmen Torres-Sánchez, from Heriot Watt University

  1. Congratulations to you and the team! This is a very, very impressive example of how HIE and business should be working-your a star turn! Iain

  2. […] part of the industrial collaboration and knowledge transfer activities, our Baking with Sound project was showcased by the Principal during his […]

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