Biomimetics and Biomimicry in Engineering

LIMES.NET – Novel Structural Materials for the Built Environment

In Funding, Info on 2011/04/26 at 9:28 am

We were part of the bid submitted to EPSRC for Networks on Novel Materials and Novel Use of Materials in the Built Environment. We are delighted that it has been successful in securing funding. Led by the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials at the University of Bath, and with more that 20 partners (academic, industrial and charities), the network activities will commence in September 2011.

LIMES.NET will become the Network for Low Impact Materials and innovative Engineering
Solutions for ground & structural engineering.

Our vision for LIMES.NET is to create a community of multi-disciplinary researchers, practitioners and decision makers with a common goal of establishing a coherent and holistic research agenda to deliver novel, effective and appropriate solutions for a sustainable built environment fit for the global challenges of the 21st Century. LIMES.NET will focus on innovative construction materials and their novel use required to deliver and maintain a sustainable built environment.

Biomimetics will play an important role in this network, so we are delighted to be part of it!


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