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Second edition of the Company-led Engineering Design projects

In Info, Jobs & Vacancies on 2011/04/13 at 9:55 am

The second edition of the Company-led Engineering Design projects has been launched by Heriot-Watt University this week.

In these projects the students are requested to undertake 12-week long real life assignments with local companies. Teams of students will work on an engineering design project. Supported by an academic supervisor the students will essentially become consultants to their host company.

The projects are a self-contained piece of work that has a clear start and a clear end, and all output from the projects belongs to the companies. The participating companies are asked to provide proper guidance to the students, to allow them do a good job.

Companies benefit from the students’ work, and also from staff supervised research and development support from Heriot-Watt University.

The programme has been designed to provide undergraduates with the necessary skills, experiences and understanding of the everyday working environment, through the opportunity to work with businesses within their chosen industry and experience real life research and development situations, which will better prepare them for interviews and employment.

Dr. Torres-Sanchez, lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and the academic behind this initiative, said, “There is a responsibility for the universities to tailor the curriculum to best meet the demands of students and prospective employers. Students need to be exposed to real-life situations that encourage creative thinking and teamwork. I think the University has a moral duty of supporting Scottish industry and economy, and enhance employability skills in our students. There is a culture change needed here, in Scotland, in order to bridge the gap between companies and university.”

The call for projects will remain open until 15th August and the projects will take place between September and December 2011. For more information about this initiative and how your company can benefit from this, please click here


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