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Company-led UG Engineering Design Projects

In Comment, Knowledge Transfer on 2010/09/18 at 5:06 pm

The official start of the 2010 company-led UG engineering design projects for mechanical engineering students at Heriot-Watt University was officially launched yesterday at the Postgradute Centre. A superb business breakfast was organised by my very lovely PA, Ms Rebecca Crawford (she is a star!)

The 14 companies partnering for this initiative gathered in the morning and met the students who will work in the R&D projects allocated to them.

The companies taking part in this initiative are: Aboleo, TouchBionics, Macphie, E&H Building Contractors, Panton MacLeod, Turnbull&Scott, TomAllan, LandLab, Chocolala, Seeking Simplicity, Pyemont Design, Readman Lighting and Sabic Innovative Plastics. I want to sincerely thank them for their support and enthusiasm for this brand new inittiative.

The organisation would not have been possible without the generous help of Dumfries College (via Ms Eva Milroy), Borders College (Mr George Foster), UHI (Dr Fiona Grant), RenewNet (Mr Steven Earl), EDTC (Mr Stephen Burns), and last but most importantly, TRS in Heriot-Watt (Dr Iain McEwan)

I have been proudly reading the references in the news and these are some links:

South of Scotland Innovation Project:

The Scotsman:

South of Scotland Business Solutions:

I wish the best of luck to the students. I hope they will have as much fun with these projects as i had setting this up this programme.


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